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AssayWise Letters 2018, Vol. 7(2)

NAD+ Metabolism " A Link to Age-Associated Pathologies
Quantification of the generation or consumption of NAD+ and its reduced form, NADH, is important for monitoring NAD+/NADH enzyme-mediated reactions or to screen for modulators and substrates of these reactions. Choose from a wide selection of colorimetric and fluorimetric assays for the determination

Practical Guide for Live Cell Cycle Analysis in Flow Cytometry
Cell Meter™ Fluorimetric Live Cell Cycle Assays can screen, characterize and fluorescently sort entire live cell populations according to their cellular DNA content. This allows researchers the ability to accurately resolve cell distribution within the major phases of the cell cycle.

Intracellular pH Measurement with Dual Excitation Fluorescence Sensor BCFL
The pH-dependent dual excitation profile and single isomer form of BCFL, AM enables accurate determination of intracellular pH levels. Ratiometric imaging using BCFL, AM minimizes the effects of photobleaching, uneven dye loading and dye leakage, making pH measurements much more robust and reproducible.

Novel Esterase Substrate for the Quantification of Bacterial Viability
MycoLight™ 520 is a novel esterified fluorogenic substrate used for quantitatively measuring bacterial viability. The improved intracellular retention and high signal-to-background ratio of MycoLight™ 520 makes it a robust and sensitive tool for staining and differentiating live and dead bacteria.