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AssayWise Letters 2020, Vol. 9(2)

Prolonged Retention of Calbryte™ 520 AM for In Vitro Analysis
Calcium-imaging is a sensitive method for monitoring the spatiotemporal dynamics of calcium signaling. Since intracellular concentrations are correlated with physiological and pathophysiological characteristics of the central nervous system (CNS), calcium imaging with fluorescent indicators

T Lymphocyte Immunophenotyping Using Multicolor Flow Cytometry
Cluster of differentiation (CD) antigens are a complex and highly organized collection of surface molecules expressed on cells of the immune system that play key roles in immune cell-cell communication, sensing the microenvironment and in adaptive immunity. During lymphocyte maturation, immune

A Practical Guide for Labeling Antibodies
Labeling antibodies with a specific, detectable tag is an essential technique for many biological research fields. The labels used range from fluorescent dyes to hapten molecules like biotin, and many more, with enzyme tags gaining popularity in recent years for use in assays. The labels are generally