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How do I choose the best mitochondrial stain for my assay?

Posted October 11, 2019

I am looking for fluorogenic probes that can either: 1) stain mitochondria of live cells and retain fluorescence signal after fixation, or 2) stain mitochondria in dead cells.


Our MitoLite™ reagents are a set of fluorogenic probes for staining mitochondria of live cells. Any of our MitoLite™ reagents with “FX” in their name is a fixable mitochondrial stain, e.g., MitoLite™ Blue FX490 or MitoLite™ Red FX600.

MitoLite™ Green FM, similar to ThermoFisher’s MitoTracker Green FM (M7514), is one of the few mitochondrial reagents capable of staining mitochondria in dead cells. MitoLite™ Green FM can also stain mitochondria in live cells however; it is not well-retained after aldehyde fixation.

Properties for each MitoLite™ reagent is located in any of our MitoLite™ protocols see link in Additional Resources below.

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