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How to do compensation in flow cytometer with JC-10 stained cells?

Posted June 13, 2019



Flow Cytometer Compensation with JC-10

  1. Flow Cytometer Channels for JC-10: FITC (FL1) & PE (FL2)
  2. Samples needed for compensation:
  • Unstained cells
  • Control cells (Healthy cells stained with JC-10)
  • Positive cells (FCCP treated cells stained with JC-10)
  1. Run unstained cells (cells with vehicle treated only) first, set up the PMT voltage if needed.
  2. Run Control cells, adjust compensation to put the cells on the upper left quadrant (FL2 - % FL1).
  3. Run Positive cells, adjust compensation to move the cells on the right lower quadrant (FL1 - % FL2).
  4. Save the compensation
  5. Run your real sample


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