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Can I measure NADPH without lysing my cells?

Posted August 21, 2019

Most traditional blots and protein assays involve cell lysates, but in recent years, new probes have been developed that will permit the visualization of NADP+/NADPH levels in living cells. Intracellular probes will enable the researcher to take measurements without a cell lysing step. For multiparametric experiments, choose a fluorophore that is at an extreme wavelength, to reduce spectrum overlap and the necessity for data correction.
Table 1. Product information for Cell Meter™ Intracellular NADH/NADPH assay kits.
Product Name Sensor Color Instrument Unit Size Cat No.
Cell Meter™ Intracellular NADH/NADPH Fluorescence Imaging Kit JZL1707 NAD(P)H Sensor Red Fluorescence

Fluorescence Microplate Reader

Fluorescence Microscope

100 Tests 15290
JJ1902 NAD(P)H Sensor Deep Red Fluorescence 100 Tests 15295
Cell Meter™ Intracellular NADH/NADPH Flow Cytometric Analysis Kit JZL1707 NAD(P)H Sensor Red Fluorescence Flow Cytometer 100 Tests 15291
JJ1902 NAD(P)H Sensor Deep Red Fluorescence 100 Tests 15296
For assistance in choosing appropriate dyes for simultaneous measurement applications, see AAT Bioquests' online spectrum comparison tool in 'Additional Resources' below.
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