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What are some examples of exocytosis?

Posted January 26, 2021


Exocytosis is the process by which cells eliminate large substances such as hormones, digestive enzymes, and undigested waste products from within the cell to its exterior through the plasma membrane. 

Examples of exocytosis include:

  • Transportation of glucagon from the pancreas into the liver where it is further processed for easier absorption into the blood stream
  • Transportation of protein-filled vesicles from T cells to viral infected cells
  • Elimination of carbon dioxide and water, which are waste products generated during aerobic respiration
  • Secretion of antibodies, enzymes and peptide hormones from different cells
  • Release of neurotransmitters from nerve cells
  • Recycling of receptors on the cell membrane that intercept signals
  • Release of digestive enzymes by the pancreas
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