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What are the applications of NGS?

Posted February 16, 2022


NGS (next generation sequencing) has made it possible for researchers to gather vast amounts of genomic sequencing data, which has a broad range of applications. NGS enables labs to:

  • Rapidly sequence whole genomes
  • Discover novel RNA variants
  • Deeply sequence target regions
  • Sequence cancer samples
  • Analyze epigenetic modifications
  • Sequence exomes
  • Study the human microbiome
  • Identify and isolate genes responsible for certain diseases
  • Understand how organisms are affected by altered expression of genetic variants
  • Uncover mutations and pathways associated with rare genetic diseases
  • Provide the correct copy of a defective gene for gene therapy
  • Explore the tumor microenvironment and study gene expression patterns to better understand drug resistance and metastasis
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