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What are the examples of recombinant proteins?

Posted August 5, 2023


Examples of recombinant proteins include: human insulin, human growth hormone, factor VIII, follicle-stimulating hormone, and lysosomal proteins. The production of human growth hormone by recombinant DNA technology utilizes a strain of E. coli as host cell and a vector plasmid containing the appropriate information. Human insulin is produced synthetically through inserting it into a plasmid, which can be utilized to transfer the gene into bacteria. The bacteria will produce insulin and then be isolated to be given for patient use. Factor VIII is a protein (clotting factor) that is in normal blood and helps form blood clots and stop bleeding following an injury. The protein interacts with diverse proteins in human plasma. Recombinant lysosomal proteins are typically produced in mammalian cells, based on their capacity to undergo post-translational modifications similar to those seen in human native proteins. 

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