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What are the optimal temperatures for cell cultures?

Posted November 6, 2023


The optimal temperature for cell culture depends on the type of cells being cultured. For mammalian cell lines, the optimal temperature is 37°C for maximum cell growth. The optimal temperature for avian cell lines is 38.5°C. They can also be sustained at 37°C but will experience slower growth. Insect cell lines are grown at an optimal temperature of 27°C. These cells grow slower at lower temperatures and any temperature between 27-30°C. The viability of insect cells decreases above temperatures of 27°C and are unable to return to normal levels once restored at 27°C. Cell lines originating from cold-blooded animals are able to withstand a temperature range between 15-26 °C. In order to store cells properly, a temperature of less than -130 °C is necessary to stabilize cell lines. This is carried out through storage in liquid nitrogen (-196 °C) or in a cryogenic freezer (-150 °C). This process is known as cryopreservation.  

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