AAT Bioquest

Assay development services

Cell-based assaysKeywords: primary/secondary screening, drug response, cytotoxicity, cell proliferation, GPCR channel, ion channelCell based assays offer a biologically relevant substitute to predict the response of a drug on an organism and while initially used mostly for secondary screening, are now progressively being used for primary screens. AAT Bioquest offers a broad spectrum of cell-based assays for cell cytotoxicity, cell proliferation, GPCR and ion channels.

Enzyme activity assaysKeywords: enzymes, phosphatases, kinases, proteases, transferases, enzyme kinetics, inhibition, dose response, activityEnzyme assays are vital for studying enzyme kinetics and enzyme inhibition. AAT Bioquest offers services to test enzyme activity and screening enzyme inhibitors. We specialize in protein phosphatases, protein kinases, proteases and transferases.

Flow cytometry assaysKeywords: flow cytometry, cell counting, cell sorting, biomarker detection, protein engineering, cell population, proliferationFlow cytometry is a laser- or impedance-based, biophysical technology employed in cell counting, cell sorting, biomarker detection and protein engineering, by suspending cells in a stream of fluid and passing them through an electronic detection apparatus. AAT Bioquest has used its unique flow cytometry assay technologies to offer flow cytometry analysis service for a variety of biological samples.

Fluorescence imaging assaysKeywords: fluorescence, imaging, microscope, gene expression, protein expression, subcellular structures, spatio-temporalFluorescence imaging is the visualization of fluorescent dyes or proteins as labels for molecular processes or structures. It enables a wide range of experimental observations including the location and dynamics of gene expression, protein expression and molecular interactions in cells and tissues. AAT Bioquest has used its unique fluorescent probes to offer high content analysis service for a variety drug targets.

Lead compound identificationKeywords: lead, metal ions, chemical modification, high-throughput screening, receptor inhibition, receptor stimulationLead compound identification is a complex process, with many decision-making points converging upon the selection of promising compounds to compete in the race for lead compound optimization and, ultimately, clinical candidate development. AAT Bioquest has developed a number of high throughput and high content assays that are used for our lead compound identification service.

Luminescence-based assaysKeywords: luminescence, chemical reaction, luciferin, quantification, emissionLuminescence-based assays are the tests in which a luminescent signal (in the form of light, or photons) is generated via a chemical or biochemical reaction and measured using a plate reader. In general, light collected from luminescent assay measurements is not restricted to particular wavelengths. AAT Bioquest uses its unique luminescence-based assays to offer services for analyzing cell functions, enzyme activities and screening enzyme inhibitors.