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What is the major cell cycle control point in eukaryotes?

Posted June 8, 2023


The major cell cycle control point in eukaryotes is the G2/M checkpoint, also known as the mitotic checkpoint. This is the checkpoint that occurs at the transition between the G2 phase and M phase. The G2/M checkpoint ensures that the cell has accurately completed DNA replication during the S phase and confirms if the cell is ready to continue with cell division. The G2/M checkpoint checks the DNA integrity by looking for any errors that occurred during DNA replication or for DNA damage. If significant damage is detected, the cell cycle may be stopped to allow for DNA repair. The G2/M checkpoint also checks for DNA replication completion and that all chromosomes have been accurately replicated. Lastly, this checkpoint also ensures the necessary cellular components for mitosis (chromosomes and spindle apparatus) are present and fully functional. 

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