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Besides our standard catalog products, we also offer the following custom services to meet your special research needs. Please send your inquires/requests to info@aatbio.com. Let us put our experience and expertise work for you!

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Antibody development servicesAntigen conjugation
Antigen development
Cell signaling antibodies
Secondary antibodies
Small molecule antibodies
Antibody conjugation
Assay development servicesLuminescence-based assays
Lead compound identification
Flow cytometry assays
Fluorescence imaging assays
Enzyme activity assays
Cell-based assays
Bioconjugation servicesAlkaline phosphatase conjugation
APC and PE tandem conjugation
Biotin labeling
Fluorescence labeling
HRP conjugation
Streptavidin conjugation
TR-FRET labeling
Contract research servicesLead compound identification
TR-FRET technologies
Point of care technologies
Luminescence technologies
Labeling technologies
Nanoparticle development
Custom synthesis servicesHapten molecules
Luminescent compounds
Fluorescent probes
Enzyme substrates
Enzyme inhibitors
Clickable probes
Biotin and its derivatives
HTS development servicesADME
Enzyme inhibitors
Glucose transporter targets
GPCR targets
Ion channels
Protease targets
Protein kinase inhibitors
Protein phosphatase inhibitors