ReadiUse™ Preactivated HRP maleimide

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<p>ReadiUse™ Preactivated HRP maleimide can be used to label thiol-containing proteins in the manner shown. The reaction is a  simple 1-2 hours mixing and in most cases does not require further purification before use.</p>
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Storage Freeze (<-15 °C)
Category Enzyme Detection
Horseradish Peroxidase (HRP)
ReadiUse™ Preactivated maleimide is a thiol-reactive HRP derivative. It can be used to readily label proteins (such as antibodies) or other biologicals molecules that have a thiol group. ReadiUse™ Preactivated HRP maleimide is robust and easy to use. It can be used to label antibodies with a simple mixing, i.e. the slightly acidic or neutral solution of an antibody (pH 6-7) can be directly mixed with the HRP maleimide, and the reaction mixture is shaken for 1-2 hours. In most cases, the resulted solution can be directly used for ELISA assays without further purification.


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