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AssayWise Letters 2019, Vol. 8(1)

ReadiView™ Biotin: All-In-One Biotinylation & Quantification of Biotin Labeling
The high binding affinity of streptavidin for biotin molecules is one of the strongest known non-covalent interactions. By taking advantage of this preferential interaction, researchers in multiple scientific fields conjugate molecules of interest to one or the other of these two, to be able to

Fundamentals of Flow Cytometry
The flow cytometer is a powerful machine that permits extremely fast multi-parameter analysis of biological samples. The use of flow cytometry is gaining popularity in many research fields as the costs associated with the machinery diminish and the technology steadily improves. Scientific applications

ReadiUse™ Lyophilized Phycobiliproteins
Phycobiliproteins perform extremely well as fluorescent tags for multiple applications in research science, due to their high absorbance coefficients and quantum yields over a wide spectral range. These qualities have made them widely used in flow cytometry, but commercial phycobiliproteins

Buccutite™ Fluorescent Protein and Tandem Dye Antibody Labeling Kits
AAT Bioquest has developed an optimized and robust Buccutite™ crosslinking technique. Buccutite™ crosslinking technology provides a simplistic and efficient approach for labeling proteins with PE, APC or tandem dyes. It can be completed in half the time and with less stringent parameters yielding