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Do you have a ready-to-use cell viability assay kit?

Posted June 12, 2019


Yes, we offer a homogenous, ready-to-use luminescent cell viability assay kit ReadiUse™ Rapid Luminometric ATP Assay Kit (21601). The assay is extremely sensitive and can detect 50 cells/well. It has stable luminescent signal with half-life more than 2 hours. The kit is also DTT free, which eliminates the unpleasant odor.

The measurement of ATP has been used for cell cytotoxicity, detection of bacteria on surfaces, quantification of bacteria in water, somatic cells in culture and food quality. AAT Bioquest's ReadiUse™ Rapid Luminometric ATP Assay Kit (DTT free) comes with all the essential components in a ready-to-use format. It provides a fast, simple and homogeneous luminescence assay for monitoring cell proliferation and cytotoxicity in mammalian cells. This assay is based on the detection of ATP using firefly luciferase to catalyze the release of light by ATP and luciferin. It can be performed in a convenient 96-well or 384-well microtiter-plate format on a chemiluminescent microplate reader.

Other kits are available as well, and are optimized for minimal hands-on time.

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