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I ordered your phalloidin-amine (Cat #5302) so I can conjugate it to my oligo. Do you have a recommended protocol I can use?

Posted January 30, 2018

(A1): Thanks for using Phalloidin-Amine. Which reactive group(s) do you have in your oligo?


(R1): Thank you for the reply. I am using an azide-oligo and DBCO-NHS ester for the conjugation. 


Given that you are using an azide-oligo and DBCO-NHS ester for your conjugation, here is a recommended protocol to use: 

  1. Dissolve your DBCO-NHS ester in DMSO, as concentrated as possible.
  2. Add the DMSO solution to the phalloidin amine. For the best conversion, the molar ratio of DBCO/phalloidin must be > 1.5.
  3. To the DMSO solution, add saturated NaHCO3 to adjust the reaction mixture to a pH > 8.5.
  4. Stir or vortex the reaction solution for 1-2 hours.
  5. Run HPLC or other purification methods to remove any decomposed DBCO
  6. The purified phalloidin-DBCO is ready for clicking with your oligo.
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