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How do I dissolve BSA powder?

Posted January 18, 2023


Dissolving BSA powder into a liquid is a weigh-by-volume dilution (w/v). For example, if one wants to make a 1% BSA solution, they must weigh out one gram of BSA powder, pour it into a graduated cylinder and add water until the liquid reaches the 100 mL mark. Mathematically wise, 1 divided by 100 equals 1%. If one wants to make a 10% (100mg/mL) stock solution of BSA powder, they must dissolve 1 g BSA powder in 10 mL of distilled water. It is also important to avoid clumping, by layering the powder on the surface of the liquid when dissolving BSA powder. Then, one must gently invert the capped tube until the BSA has completely dissolved and make sure to not stir.   

Every experiment does not require for BSA to be dissolved in water since pure water has different properties than the liquid in the bloodstream of animals and of that that surrounds the outside of cells. So for example, in an experiment where the BSA solution is supposed to be injected into live animals, the BSA powder should be dissolved in a special solvent such as PBS. PBS has properties that are similar to those of the liquid inside dogs, mice and humans, making it an ideal solvent.

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