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Is there an alternative to using proteinase K during DNA extractions?

Posted September 7, 2023


One alternative is Proteocut K, which is a broad spectrum subtilisin-type serine protease which has similar characteristics/functions to proteinase K. Proteocut K is also a serine endopeptidase and is active over a pH range of 6.0-10.0 and temperatures from 40-70 degrees celsius. It is utilized in applications such as the isolation of genomic DNA from cell lysates, inactivation and removal of nucleases and RNases, and cloning of PCR products. Additionally, it can be used in the isolation of plasmid DNA with the addition of microarray and NGS techniques. 

Another alternative is QIAGEN protease, which is a serine protease isolated from a recombinant Bacillus strain. It is more cost-effective than proteinase K for the isolation of native DNA and RNA. It also is free of DNase and RNase activity. QIAGEN protease provides protease digestion during DNA and RNA preparation.

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