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What are the applications of plasmids?

Posted January 20, 2023


Plasmids have a wide range of applications. Scientists use plasmids extensively as vectors for cloning, manipulating, and transferring genes. In genetic engineering, plasmids are widely used for producing multiple copies of or amplifying certain genes. In molecular cloning, plasmid are used as vectors to clone short DNA sequences. Vectors refer to short DNA segments that are capable of transferring genetic material between cells, where the genes undergo further expression and replication. Another significant application of plasmids is in replicating certain proteins in large amounts. One example is proteins that code for insulin. Researchers are also looking into ways to use plasmids to transfer genes into human cells as part of gene therapy. Some studies show that a specific protein may be lacking in cells of patients who have hereditary disorders involving gene mutation. Introducing a plasmid into DNA would help the cells to express the protein that is absent. 

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