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Cell Structures and Organelles

Cell structures
Structures of an organelle
Organelles are specialized structures that play a critical part in cellular function. Nearly all cellular activities are facilitated by organelles working either singly or in concert, ranging from gene expression and cell signaling to energy production and apoptosis. To fully understand cellular behavior, researchers utilize organelle-selective probes to detect, visualize and track organelle activity, including the biochemical mechanisms that govern them. These probes are ideal for co-localization studies serving as excellent counter-stains for identifying location-specific proteins and targets of interest within the cell.

AAT Bioquest's extensive collection of organelle-selective dyes has been optimized for live and fixed-cell imaging applications. Available in a broad spectrum of colors, our organelle-selective dyes are compatible with a majority of laser and filter settings commonly equipped on most fluorescent microscopes and flow cytometers.

Choose from a variety of probes for imaging organelles and cellular structures