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What are the properties of glycine?

Posted January 30, 2023


Physical properties of glycine:

  • Glycine is a colorless compound with a sweet taste. 
  • Its molecular weight is 75.066 grams per mole and density is 1.161g/cm3. 
  • It starts to decompose at temperatures equal to or around 233℃. This makes it difficult to determine glycine’s melting point, which remains unknown to date. 
  • Glycine is highly soluble in water. 

Chemical properties of glycine: 

  • Glycine is nonpolar. It acts as a buffer solution at a pH of 6.   
  • Glycine is hydrophilic because of its one hydrogen atom side chain.
  • It can be synthesized from amino acids such as serine and threonine as well as a few other sources. 


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