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What factors affect Fick's law of diffusion?

Posted June 22, 2023


Factors that affect Fick’s law of diffusion are concentration gradient, distance of diffusion, diffusion coefficient, and medium properties. 

  • For concentration gradient, the higher the difference in concentration between two regions, the greater the rate of diffusion there is. A higher concentration gradient causes an increased diffusive flux. 
  • A shorter distance allows for a faster diffusion rate and higher flux. In contrast, a longer distance of diffusion slows down the rate of diffusion and decreases the flux. 
  • Medium properties represent the nature of the medium. Temperature, presence of matter, and viscosity, are all factors in the medium which can affect the diffusion rate and the rate of flux. 
  • Fick’s law of diffusion can also be affected by the thickness of the membrane. A thin membrane means molecules take less time to diffuse across it.
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