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What factors should I consider when selecting the right cell viability assay for my experiment?

Posted June 27, 2023


There are various factors one should consider when choosing the right viability assay for their experiment. One should consider the type of assay being used and its function. DIfferent assays measure viability based on metabolic activity, membrane integrity, nucleic acid content, or enzyme activity. The assay being utilized should be relevant to the information being sought from the experiment. Cell types should be considered as some cells have specific sensitivities or responses to specific assay reagents or conditions. Some assays are more suitable for high-throughput analysis and allow processing of a higher number of samples. Certain assays require longer incubation times or specialized tools, while others may give fast and simple results. Lastly, one should consider the compatibility with environmental conditions. Cell culture media, pH, and temperature should all be taken into account since assays should be suitable to the environmental conditions during the experiment.

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