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ReadiUse™ 10KD Spin Filter

ReadiUse™ 10KD Spin Filters are disposable ultrafiltration devices for the concentration of biological samples such as antibodies. Maximum initial sample volume is ~500 ul. They can be used in either a swing bucket or fixed angle rotors accepting 2.0 ml centrifuge tube at around 10000 g.
ReadiUse™ 10KD Spin Filters are disposable ultrafiltration devices for the concentration of biological samples such as antibodies. Maximum initial sample volume is ~500 ul. They can be used in either a swing bucket or fixed angle rotors accepting 2.0 ml centrifuge tube at around 10000 g.
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ReadiUse™ 10KD Spin Filter is a disposable ultrafiltration device for the concentration of biological samples such as antibodies. Maximum initial sample volume is ~500 uL. It can be used in either a swing bucket or fixed angle rotors accepting 2.0 mL centrifuge tube at around 10000 g. The dead stop volume is ~20-25 µL. The vertical membrane design and thin channel filtration chamber minimizes membrane fouling and provides high speed concentration, even laden solutions. It is specifically designed with low internal surface and membrane area to achieve superior recovery from dilute solutions.

Example protocol


  1. Polypropylene housing and polyethersulfone (PES) membrane
  2. MWCO: 10K
  3. Sample Volume: 25 µL-500 µL
  4. High sample recovery
  5. Application: Protein concentration,  desalting, buffer exchange, and deproteinization of biological samples
  6. Maximum Centrifugal Force: 14,000 g
  7. Recommended Centrifugal Force: 5,000 ∼ 10,000 g 


Concentrate volume
Add protein sample to the filter, centrifuge at 8,000 ∼ 10,000 g.
Note     it takes about 10 ∼ 15 mins to concentrate from 500 µL to ~50 µL.

Desalting, buffer exchange or diafiltration are important methods for removing salts or solvents in solutions containing biomolecules. The removal of salts or the exchange of buffers can be accomplished in the ReadiUse™ 10KD Spin Filter by concentrating the sample, then reconstituting the concentrate to the original sample volume with any desired solvent. The process of "washing out" can be repeated until the concentration of the contaminating microsolute has been sufficiently reduced.

Deproteinization of biological samples
Add cell lysates or tissue homogenates to the filter, centrifuge at ∼10,000 g for 10 ∼ 15min, collect the elution.


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