AAT Bioquest

AssayWise Letters 2018, Vol. 7(1)

A Comprehensive Suite of Online Tools
AAT Bioquest offers a suite of online tools to aid researchers in post-experimental data analysis. These tools are free to use for all researchers and complement our extensive catalog of assays and kits.

Selective Probes for Studying Mitochondrial Functionality
Mitochondria's performance is imperative to cell viability, use mitochondrial-selective tools to monitor them.

A Superior Direct Method for the Quantitative Analysis of DNA Fragments in Late-Stage Apoptosis
Nuclear DNA fragmentation is a strong indication of late-stage apoptosis and a cell's unwavering commitment to the cell death program. The TUNEL assay technique takes advantage of this feature to identify apoptosis at a single-cell level.

An introduction to lysyl oxidase and its quantification
Lysyl oxidase (LOX) has been the focus of study due to its potential role in the metastasis of various cancers. Two methods to quantify LOX activity are reviewed: a radiometric method using tritium and a fluorimetric method using Amplite™ Red.