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What are the essential features of a plasmid cloning vector?

Posted June 22, 2020


To become a successful plasmid cloning vector, it must be a small DNA molecule that can be self-replicating inside host cells, which generally has several essential features as follows:

  • Origin of replication: It is the site where replication is initiated.
  • Marker genes for selection and/or screening: These genes allow to screen out cells that lack specific genes, e.g. antibiotic resistance genes, and also are used to test difference in phenotype between cells.
  • Unique and multiple restriction sites: The restriction sites for various restriction endonucleases allow insertion of foreign DNA to specific sites on plasmid.
  • Promoters for gene expression: It is an essential component of expression vectors, which drives the transcription of the vector’s transgene and helps in getting the cloned product expressed.
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