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What is the mechanism of your Cell Meter™ Autophagy Assay Kits (cat#23000, 23001 and 23002)

Posted June 13, 2019


Unlike antibody-based assays which can detect specific proteins, the probes used in our autophagy assay kits are fluorescence markers that can label the acidic autophagosomes. It can be accumulated in autophagic vacuoles and incorporated into multilamellar bodies via both ion trapping and specific interactions with vacuole membrane lipids.  Among the 3 autophagy kits that we have, 23000 is the most popular blue fluorescence one, 23001 is the upgrade of 2300, and it has better signal compared to 23000. And 23002 is the green fluorescence one.  



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Cell Meter™ Autophagy Assay Kit *Blue Fluorescence*

Cell Meter™ Autophagy Assay Kit *Green Fluorescence*