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Are there any special considerations when choosing a mounting medium for specific applications?

Posted April 6, 2023


When choosing a mounting medium for specific applications it’s important to take into consideration the properties of the biological sample being imaged as well as the type of microscopy being used to study the sample. These are some of the factors to take into consideration when choosing a mounting medium for specific applications:

  • The refractive index of the mounting medium should match that of the sample being imaged. This reduces light scattering and boosts the clarity and resolution of the image.
  • The mounting medium should be soluble in the same solvent used to prepare the sample. This prevents the sample from becoming structurally unstable or dissolving during mounting.
  • It must be compatible with the fluorescent dyes or proteins being used and not quench their autofluorescence.
  • The mounting medium should not be so hard that it is prone to cracking or breaking, nor should it be so soft that it is susceptible to compression or distortion. 

Choosing the right mounting medium ensures that the biological samples being studied are adequately preserved and protected for more accurate imaging.

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