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How do I dissolve dextran?

Posted May 10, 2023


Dextran can readily dissolve in water. Dextran powder can be used to assist dissolution. An appropriate amount of dextran powder should be added to warm water. To avoid the formation of lumps, stir the solution. The solution may then be heated between 37-50 degrees celsius, especially if a high molecular weight dextran is being used. It is important to note that the temperature must be monitored, as high temperatures (over 50 degrees celsius) may degrade dextran. The pH of the solvent may also be adjusted to aid in dissolution, as lower pH values (below 6) may cause reduced solubility. Thus, the pH range should be between 6-8. After dissolving the dextran the solution can be filtered to remove remaining insoluble particles. Dextran is also freely soluble in DMSO, ethylene glycol, ethanol, and formamide.

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