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What are the applications of dextran-FITC conjugation?

Posted May 10, 2023


Dextran-FITC conjugation has various applications. Dextran-FITC conjugates are used to label cells fluorescently for flow cytometry or fluorescent microscopy. Dextran-FITC is heavily used for studying permeability, such as vascular permeability and blood-brain barrier permeability. For observing vascular permeability in organs or tissues, it cannot cross intact blood vessels due to dextran-FITC being too large. Dextran-FITC can also evaluate the permeability of the blood-brain barrier through injection into the bloodstream and subsequent visualization in the brain. Dextran derivatives are ideal for drug delivery as they exhibit high hydrogel formation capacity, as well as low toxicity and high biocompatibility.

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