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What are the applications of dextran conjugates?

Posted May 10, 2023


The applications of dextran conjugates include: drug delivery, imaging, cell tracking, cultured cells, and as biosensors. Dextrans are important for drug delivery due to their biocompatibility and ability to be engulfed by cells. Scientists can improve a drug's solubility, specificity, and stability by conjugating a drug to a dextran molecule. This can reduce side effects and increase overall efficacy of the drug. During imaging, dextran conjugates can be used as probes for MRI and CT scans because of their capabilities to increase contrast. Thus, doctors can visualize specific organs or tissues. These conjugates are also used as long-term tracers to follow the movement and behavior of cells in vivo and in vitro. These conjugates can be used to track cultured cells and in vivo neurons at both low and high MWs, making them very useful. Dextran conjugates can also be used as biosensors to detect specific biomolecules (e.g. glucose or antibodies). Thus, scientists can detect the presence of a ligand in a sample. 

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