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How do lysosomes and ribosomes work together?

Posted October 2, 2023


Lysosomes and ribosomes are two distinct organelles that work together to maintain cellular homeostasis and ensure the proper functioning of cells. Lysosomes play a crucial role in the digestion of enzymes, maintaining pH balance, and autophagy. Ribosomes are involved in protein synthesis. 

After protein synthesis on ribosomes, the newly-formed proteins often undergo further modifications within the endoplasmic reticulum, from where they are then transported to Golgi apparatus and then to lysosomes. On encountering the proteins, lysosomal enzymes work on degrading dysfunctional, misfolded, and damaged proteins, breaking them down into smaller peptides and amino acids. These smaller components are recycled for the synthesis of new proteins. In this manner lysosomes and ribosomes work together to ensure the maintenance and proper functioning of cellular processes.

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