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Is LAMP the same as PCR?

Posted June 17, 2022


No, Lamp (loop-mediated isothermal amplification) is not the same as PCR (polymerase chain reaction). Although they are both DNA amplification techniques, there are several differences between the two. We’ve highlighted the differences between LAMP and PCR below:

Basis of DifferentiationLAMPPCR
Temperature requirementsIs an isothermal process, reaction occurs over a single consistent temperature of 60°C to 65°C throughoutRequires numerous cycles of heating and cooling - reaction occurs over varying temperatures
Number of primers usedUses 4 to 6 primers to recognize 6 to 8 distinct regionsUses two primers to recognize 2 regions
Reaction timeRapid reaction, takes less than thirty minutesSlow reactions, typically takes over one hour
Sensitivity to sample matrix inhibitorsMore tolerant towards sample matrix inhibitorsHighly sensitive to sample matrix inhibitors
Visual detectionAmenable to visual detection based on certain factors such as turbidity among othersNot amenable to visual detection
Typical yieldApprox. 10 mg – 20 mgApprox. 0.2 mg 
Equipment neededEquipment is simplerEquipment is more complex to accommodate the recurring heating and cooling cycles
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