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What are the advantages of using mounting medium in biology?

Posted April 6, 2023


Using mounting medium in biology offers several significant advantages:

  • Protects against deterioration and contamination: The mounting medium fixes the sample to the slide, thereby protecting it from damage, degradation, and external contamination. 
  • Allows for clearer images: Choosing a mounting medium with a refractive index similar to that of the sample allows the light to pass through the sample without refraction or scattering, resulting in a higher-quality image. 
  • Holds specimen in place during observation: By adhering the sample to the slide, the mounting medium prevents it from moving or falling off while imaging. 
  • Provides contrast: Dyes and other components in mounting media help to enhance the contrast of the sample, making it easier to observe.
  • Preservation: Mounting media helps to preserve samples for long-term storage without deterioration or damage.
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