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What are the advantages of using primary antibodies?

Posted June 30, 2022


Using primary antibodies offers several advantages: 

  • The workflow is simplified and more streamlined and the results are obtained faster because fewer protocol steps are involved and hands-on time is reduced.  
  • Removing the secondary antibody from the process eliminates one of the variables, which improves experimental reproducibility. 
  • Eliminates the risk of secondary antibody cross-reactivity. 
  • Multiple primary antibodies from a shared host species can be used simultaneously, providing researchers with deeper insights into target expression. 
  • The ability to use multiple primary antibodies from the same host species allows for a larger number of readouts to be generated from a single sample material. This allows researchers to evaluate and compare a number of different biomolecules under the same immunoassay conditions. 
  • Removing the need for a secondary antibody incubation or additional blocking increases the capacity for species-on-species detection. 
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