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What are the differences between qPCR and ddPCR?

Posted September 26, 2022

Basis of differentiationqPCRddPCR
PrincipleqPCR measures PCR amplification as it happensddPCR measures the fraction of positive and negative duplicates to determine absolute copies 
SensitivityModerate: detection limit is from 1-10High: detection limit as low as 1 in 2000
Methods of data collectionTargets with unknown quantity are compared to standard curve with known quantities PCR reaction is split into thousands of separate real-time PCR reactions before amplification, and data is only obtained at the end-point
Quantification type (Relative or absolute)Both, but a standard curve with known absolute quantities of the target is necessary for absolute quantificationAbsolute only, ddPCR gives an absolute count of target DNA copies per input sample (no standard curve necessary)
Time establishedEstablished technologyEmerging technology 
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