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Which is the most important stage of cell cycle?

Posted March 15, 2023


The most important stage of the cell cycle is interphase, for several reasons. One reason is that during interphase, the cell prepares itself for cell division. The cell also undergoes cell growth and replication during interphase. Tthe G1, G2, and S phases occur during this phase of cell division. In the G1 phase, the cell continues to grow but no replication occurs. During the S phase, the DNA of the cell replicates. In the G2 phase, RNA, macromolecules, and proteins necessary for mitotic division are created by the cell. Interphase is also the longest part of the cell cycle and thus, is important because it is spending time preparing the cell for division. Also, during interphase, the cell accumulates nutrients and uses molecules and proteins to prepare for cell division.

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