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MycoLight™ Dyes and Kits

Mycolight Live Bacteria Fluorescence Imaging Kit
The MycoLight™ series includes kits and standalone bacteria-labeling dyes for multiple experimental purposes. The need for improved identification and understanding of bacterial behavior has increased markedly in recent years, as bacterial resistance and the possible use of the cell wall as an antibacterial target has gained traction in research applications. With comparable spectral profiles to classic choices like SYBR®, the MycoLight™ dyes do not affect cell health, allowing further characterization of labeled cell populations. MycoLight™ dyes display excellent brightness and specificity, and are compatible with all major instrument platforms.


MycoLight™ Kits

MycoLight™ Rapid Fluorescence Kit
Mixture of Escherichia coli and Bacillus subtilis were stained with MycoLight™ Rapid Fluorescence Bacterial Gram Stain Kit. Red & Orange: Gram-positive Bacillus subtilis cells; Green: Gram-negative Escherichia coli cells.
MycoLight™ kits are available for a range of applications, from bacterial viability assays to modern Gram staining of living bacterial cells. The majority of kits are optimized for use with fluorescence microscopes for improved sensitivity, but MycoLight™ Ratiometric Bacterial Membrane Potential Kit can also be used with a Flow Cytometer, and the MycoLight™ Flow Cytometric Live Bacteria Assay Kit is designed specifically for that instrument.

Table 1. MycoLight™ Kits


MycoLight™ Dyes (Red JJ94, Green JJ98, Green JJ99)

MycoLight™ Green JJ98
E.Coli were stained with 5 uM of MycoLight™ Green JJ98 for 30 minutes and imaged with FITC channel.
Fluorescent labeling of live bacteria is often challenging, as some model organisms do not easily express the modified proteins, and even effective dyes are sometimes toxic or heavily inhibit bacterial growth. The standalone MycoLight&™ dyes JJ94, JJ98 and JJ99 are well tolerated by bacteria, allowing normal proliferation and further characterization. All 3 dyes have low intrinsic fluorescence, and display a striking increase in fluorescence intensity only upon binding with DNA. MycoLight™ Red JJ94, with its far-red fluorescence, is particularly suited for multicolor detection with other commonly used green probes. JJ98 and JJ99 will label both Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria, while JJ94 will stain Gram positive bacterial cells.

Table 2. MycoLight™ Dyes (Red JJ94, Green JJ98, Green JJ99)

Cat No.
Product Name
Fluorescence Microscope Ex/Em (nm)
Flow Cytometer Channel
23998/23999MycoLight™ Green JJ98482/512FITC
24000MycoLight™ Green JJ98 *5 mM in DMSO*482/512FITC
24001MycoLight™ Green JJ99 *5 mM in DMSO*481/510FITC
24006MycoLight™ Red JJ94 *2.5 mM in DMSO*630/660APC


Ordering Information


Table 3. Ordering Information For MycoLight™ Products

Product Name
Unit Size
Cat No.
MycoLight™ Bacterial Viability Assay Kit200 Tests22400
MycoLight™ Ratiometric Bacterial Membrane Potential Kit *Red/Green Fluorescence*200 Tests22401
MycoLight™ Fluorimetric CTC Live Bacteria Quantification Kit100 Tests22405
MycoLight™ Flow Cytometric Live Bacteria Assay Kit100 Tests22407
MycoLight™ Live Bacteria Fluorescence Imaging Kit100 Tests22409
MycoLight™ Fluorescence Live/Dead Bacterial Imaging Kit100 Tests22411
MycoLight™ Rapid Fluorescence Bacterial Gram Stain Kit100 Tests22413
MycoLight™ Rapid Fluorescence Gram-Positive Bacteria Staining Kit100 Tests22415
MycoLight™ Green JJ98100 µg23998
MycoLight™ Green JJ981 mg23999
MycoLight™ Green JJ98 *5 mM in DMSO*100 µL24000
MycoLight™ Green JJ99 *5 mM in DMSO*100 µL24001
MycoLight™ Red JJ94 *2.5 mM in DMSO*100 µL24006