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SOD Detection

SOD dose responses were measured with Amplite<sup>®</sup> Colorimetric Superoxide Dismutase Assay Kit
SOD dose responses were measured with Amplite® Colorimetric Superoxide Dismutase Assay Kit (Cat# 11305). As low as 0.1 U/mL SOD was detected with 60 minutes incubation (n=3).
Superoxide dismutases (SODs) are a class of enzymes that catalyze the dismutation of superoxide into oxygen and hydrogen peroxide. Superoxide is one of the main reactive oxygen species in cells. It is a substantial contributor to pathology associated with neurodegenerative diseases, ischemia reperfusion injury, atherosclerosis and aging. SODs are an important antioxidant defense in nearly all cells exposed to superoxide radicals. In fact, mice lacking SOD1 develop a wide range of pathologies, including hepatocellular carcinoma, an acceleration of age-related muscle mass loss, an earlier incidence of cataracts and a reduced lifespan. Overexpression of SOD protects murine fibro sarcoma cells from apoptosis and promotes cell differentiation.

Amplite® Colorimetric Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) Assay Kit (Cat# 11305) provides a quick and sensitive method for the measurement of SOD activity in solutions. In the assay, xanthine is converted to superoxide radical ions, uric acid and hydrogen peroxide by xanthine oxidase (XO). Superoxide reacts with SOD Orange™ to generate a product that absorbs at around 560 nm. SOD inhibits the reaction of SOD Orange™ with superoxide, thus reduces the absorption at 560 nm. The reduction in the absorption of SOD Orange™ at 560 nm is proportional to SOD activity. The kit can be performed in a convenient 96-well or 384-well microtiter-plate format.

Table 1. Superoxide Dismutase Detection Assay Kit

Cat No.
Product Name
Ex (nm)
Em (nm)
Unit Size
11305Amplite® Colorimetric Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) Assay Kit560 200 Tests