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Do you have substrates for proteasome 20S subunits, such as beta 1C, 2C, 5C, 1i, 2i, and 5i?

Posted April 2, 2019


Yes, we offer a set of R110 substrates for monitroing the activity of proteasomes at different subsites. Protease activity is measured by monitoring the R110 liberation over time using either a flow cytometer, fluroescence microscope or fluorescent microplate reader at Ex/Em = 490/520 nm.

List of R110 substrates (subsite; R110 substrate):

beta1c, Z-LLE-R110 (Cat#13466)

beta2c, Ac-KQL-R110 (Cat#13465)

beta5c, Ac-WLA-R110 (Cat#13468)

beta1i, Ac-PAL-R110 (Cat#13467)

beta2i, Ac-KQL-R110 (Cat#13465)

beta5i, Ac-ANW-R110 (Cat#13455)


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