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Do you provide any dyes similar to CFSE that can track cells or monitor cell proliferation?

Posted June 13, 2019


We provide CytoTell™ dyes in a variety of excitation-emission profiles that monitor cell proliferation using either a fluorescence microplate reader, fluorescence microscope or flow cytometer.

Similar to CFSE, CytoTell™ dyes are cell-permeable indicators that covalently bind to intracellular lysine residues and other amine sources located on cytoplasmic proteins.  This covalent coupling ensures that CytoTell™ dyes are not transfered to adjacent cells and are well-retained in cells for several generations. As cells divide, CytoTell™ dyes are distributed equally between daughter cells, and each new generation of cells is marked by a fluorescence intensity half that of its parents.

Compared to CFSE, CytoTell™ dyes have minimal cytotoxicity and better cellular retention. CytoTell™ dyes, other than CytoTell™ Green, are excellent for multicolor applications with either GFP cell lines or iFluor 488™-labeled antibodies.

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