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What are some examples of tissue culture?

Posted December 4, 2020


Common examples of tissue culture include the following:

  • Callus culture – it involves the growth of a callus (composed of differentiated and non- differentiated cells), which is followed by a procedure that induces organ differentiation. For this type of tissue culture, the culture is often sustained on a gel medium, which is composed of agar and a mixture of given macro and micronutrients depending on the type of cells
  • Embryo culture – a method that involves the isolation of an embryo from a given organism for in vitro growth.
  • Cell suspension culture – in this method plant cells or tissues are artificially grown in a liquid medium and not on a gel medium.
  • Protoplast Culture - protoplast is used to refer to cell (fungi, bacteria, plant cells etc) in which the cell wall has been removed. Protoplasts can be made by degrading cell walls with a mixture of the appropriate polysaccharide-degrading enzymes. Protoplast culture is an important method that provides numerous cells (single cells) that can be used for various studies. In protoplast culture, a number of phases can be observed.
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