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What are the major types of transferases?

Posted September 8, 2021


There are 10 major types of transferases.

Group(s) transferredEC numberTransferase example
Single carbon groupsEC 2.1Methyltransferase and formyltransferase
Aldehyde and ketone groupsEC 2.2Transaldolase and transketolase
Acyl groupsEC 2.3Acyltransferase
Glycosyl, pentosyl & hexosyl groupsEC 2.4Glycosyltransferase, pentosyltransferase and hexosyltransferase
Aryl and alkyl groupsEC 2.5Chlorophyll synthase and riboflavin synthase
Nitrogenous groupsEC 2.6Oximinotransferase and transaminase
Phosphorus-containing groupsEC 2.7Polymerase, phosphotransferase, and kinase
Sulfur-containing groupsEC 2.8Sulfotransferase and sulfurtransferase
Selenium-containing groupsEC 2.9Selenotransferase
Molybdenum and tungstenEC 2.10Molybdenumtransferase, tungstentransferase
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