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What are the steps of tissue culture?

Posted December 3, 2020


The process of tissue culturing can be divided into following steps:

  • Step 1. Preparation of culture medium – contains a mixture of macro and micro nutrients, vitamins, hormones, nitrogen supplements, amino acids, growth regulators and solidifying agents.
  • Step 2. Inoculation of explant – during this step the cultivated explant is sterilized and then carefully transferred to a suitable container and placed on the nutrient medium
  • Step 3. Incubation of culture – prepared plant tissue cultures placed in a plant growth chamber or an incubator at 25 – 30°C to support growth.
  • Step 4. Sub-culturing – to maintain adequate conditions for growth and development explants are divided and transferred to new media.
  • Step 5. Transplantation – plants are acclimatized and then transplanted to soil