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What is the meaning of immunoassay?

Posted June 3, 2021


It is a biochemical test incorporated to detect the presence and/or the concentrations of a chemical using the antigen-antibody reactive solution. The Y-shaped proteins-antibodies are produced in the human body to counter other foreign substances such as viruses. They are therein antigen-specific. The bindings are acting as lock and key in the reaction process. Immunoassays, therefore, use the bonding relationship between antibodies and antigen to specify a molecule in a solution. These antigens in this context are referred to as analytes. Analytes in biological liquids such as serum or urine are frequently measured using immunoassays for medical and research purposes. Various methods including radioimmunoassay, enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), and immunoelectrophoresis may be used.

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