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Which ROS reagent is best for use in small animals such as mice or rats? What is the recommended dosage?

Posted June 13, 2019

Can you provide a sample protocol and any publications?


We recommend using ROS Brite™ 700 (Cat# 16004) for in vivo imaging in small animals.

The concentration of ROS Brite™ 700 required varies between different cell lines, we recommend testing with different concentrations to determine the optimal dosage. Foersch and colleagues used ROS Brite™ 700 for in vivo imaging in mice (Foersch et al. 2015). They administered a final concentration of 10 μg/g body weight, intravenously, and waited 20 minutes before examining.

For a sample protocol and additional publications using ROS Brite™ 700, see links below in Resources.

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