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What are the advantages of luminescence?

Posted January 12, 2023


The advantages of luminescence is that it allows for a wide dynamic range and high sensitivity (background interference is low, allowing for doses as low as 1 microgray to be measured). Another advantage is that luminescence assays utilize a homogenous procedure, which makes it easier to automate high-throughput experiments. Luminescence also provides good energy response after X-ray irradiation, and reusability. Luminescence dosimeters also provide a linear response with a dose up to 1 Gy, and have resistance to high humidity and high magnetic fields. Luminescence assays have advantages over conventional cell count assays, as they are faster and simpler for analysis of suspension and adherent cell lines. On an organismal level, bioluminesce is used to defend against predators, hunt prey, and attract mates.

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