AAT Bioquest

Posted on March 22, 2023
What are the types of chemical reagents used in the staining process of the tissues?
Cellular Structures and OrganellesFluorescenceImmunohistochemistry (IHC)Organelle Stainingfluorescence imagingfluorescence microscope

Posted on April 2, 2020
What are mitochondrial fission, fusion and stress?
Cell Structure and OrganellesMitochondriaOrganelle StainingPhysiological Probesmitochondria membrane potentialCellular Processes

Posted on April 2, 2020
What is mitochondrial fragmentation?
Cell Structure and OrganellesMitochondriaOrganelle StainingPhysiological ProbesCellular Processes

Posted on October 11, 2019
How do I choose the best mitochondrial stain for my assay?
mitochondriaOrganelle Stainingmitochondria membrane potential

Posted on August 30, 2019
How to fluorescently label exosomes?
exosomesDIRDIODIDDIOCOrganelle Staining

Posted on June 13, 2019
How does the autophagy marker in your Cell Meter™ Autophagy Assay Kit (Cat#23000) work?
AutophagyOrganelle Staining

Posted on April 2, 2019
Can Live or Dead™ Fixable Dead Cell Staining Kit (Cat# 22601) be used to stain cells after fixation?
Cell AssayOrganelle Stainingfluorimetric

Posted on August 7, 2018
Are your live Live Cell Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER) Staining Kits fixable? Can they be permeablized?
Organelle StainingFixativesEndoplasmic Reticulum (ER)

Posted on February 26, 2018
What dye works best for staining and tracking lysosomes in live cells for several hours?
lysosomeOrganelle Staining

Posted on January 18, 2018
Before staining actin with phalloidin dye conjugates, how should I fixate my sample?
fluorimetricOrganelle StainingActinCell AssayPhalloidinFixatives