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mFluor™ UV 375 goat anti-rabbit IgG (H+L)

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Physical properties
Molecular weight~150 kDa
Spectral properties
Absorbance (nm)342
Correction Factor (260 nm)0.099
Correction Factor (280 nm)0.138
Extinction coefficient (cm -1 M -1)300001
Excitation (nm)351
Emission (nm)387
Quantum yield0.941
Storage, safety and handling
H-phraseH303, H313, H333
Hazard symbolXN
Intended useResearch Use Only (RUO)
R-phraseR20, R21, R22
StorageFreeze (< -15 °C); Minimize light exposure
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Molecular weight
~150 kDa
Absorbance (nm)
Correction Factor (260 nm)
Correction Factor (280 nm)
Extinction coefficient (cm -1 M -1)
Excitation (nm)
Emission (nm)
Quantum yield
mFluor™ UV375 goat anti-rabbit conjugates are secondary antibodies designed for optimal performance in immunoassay applications, including flow cytometry, immunofluorescence, and confocal microscopy. These conjugates consist of goat-derived polyclonal antibodies with high affinity and specificity towards rabbit IgG, conjugated to the bright and stable mFluor™ UV375 fluorochrome. This conjugation is optimized to ensure minimal non-specific binding and enhanced signal clarity, with rigorous purification steps to remove unconjugated components. Provided in a ready-to-use format with a recommended dilution range, the conjugate undergoes stringent quality control tests for performance and specificity. Its compatibility with a wide range of rabbit primary antibodies and the exceptional contrast provided by mFluor™ UV375 fluorescence makes it a reliable tool for detecting diverse target antigens in multicolor staining protocols. mFluor™ UV375 is optimally excited by the UV laser and emits maximally at 387 nm. These affinity-purified goat anti-rabbit secondary antibodies are valuable for their versatility and sensitivity, enabling efficient detection, sorting, or purification of specific targets through effective signal amplification in research applications.


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Spectral properties

Absorbance (nm)342
Correction Factor (260 nm)0.099
Correction Factor (280 nm)0.138
Extinction coefficient (cm -1 M -1)300001
Excitation (nm)351
Emission (nm)387
Quantum yield0.941

Product Family

NameExcitation (nm)Emission (nm)Extinction coefficient (cm -1 M -1)Quantum yieldCorrection Factor (260 nm)Correction Factor (280 nm)
mFluor™ UV 375 goat anti-mouse IgG (H+L)3513873000010.9410.0990.138
mFluor™ UV 375 goat anti-mouse IgG (H+L) *Cross-Absorbed*3513873000010.9410.0990.138


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