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Are there different types of polymerases used in PCR?

Posted June 22, 2020


Yes! Taq polymerase is just one of the several polymerases used in PCR. There are other types of polymerases commercially available for different purposes. For example:

  • Hot-start (HS) polymerases?An activation step is required for these polymerases, which are useful to suppress nonspecific production amplification especially when DNA template amounts are low, or several pairs of primers are used.
  • High-fidelity polymerases (Hi-Fi): These polymerases possess a 3’-to-5’ exonuclease activity, which increases the the accuracy of DNA synthesis from template DNA.
  • Long-Range DNA polymerase: Long-range DNA polymerase is a combination of a thermostable polymerase and a proofreading enzyme, which optimized for DNA segments of up to 20 kb. By using the blender of polymerases, both processivity and fidelity can be ensured for PCR.
Additional resources

6-ROX glycine *25 uM fluorescence reference solution for PCR reactions*

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